Our mission is to provide access to quality genetic testing and precision medicine to patients while enabling physicians and healthcare providers to create precise care and personalized treatment plans for patients’ unique health risks.

About Tesis Biosciences

Tesis Biosciences provide white glove customer care by offering customizable genetic testing ranging from carrier screening testing, molecular testing, cancer genomic testing, pharmacogenomics testing, and a wide range of customizable, comprehensive molecular panels using state-of-the-art technologies and equipment.

As your partner, we consult with your providers and answer all your concerns while providing the comprehensive testing you need. Regardless of if our client is a large healthcare facility or a single office practitioner, we believe in the power of precision medicine and understand the impact that accurate genetic testing can provide to your patients.

Let Us Be Your Partners in Medicine

We have a team of clinicians, scientists, pathologists, engineers, and technicians unified in our approach of bringing innovation in precision medicine to deliver better data-backed diagnoses and treatments to all communities we serve.

Tesis Biosciences’ corporate culture is built by medical professionals emphasizing our patient-centric passion to our physician partners.  We share the same goal as our clients: quality testing, responsive reporting, and accurate results to ensure your patient’s healthcare needs are met.

We are dedicated and focused on providing precision medicine to improve the health and lives of everyone.

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 The Advantages of using Tesis Biosciences

Tesis Biosciences in Colorado is an extension of our patient first culture. Our network of medical laboratories allows us flexibility to extend our services to include a partnership and support your facility needs.

  • Our staff and laboratory maintain compliance and our laboratory is CLIA accredited.
  • Quality diagnostics are always our #1 priority and turnaround times are consistently fast.
  • Physicians have access to our portals 24/7 which is available for real-time results.
  • We utilize a simple-to-use interface available via HL7 or API.
  • All physicians and staff always have access to experts in the lab.

Let Tesis Biosciences be your trusted medical laboratory for all your patient testing needs.

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Better Approach to Exceptional Care

Better Approach to Exceptional Care