Preparing for Testing

Collection Precautions:

  • Ensure the sponge tip does NOT come into contact with any surface prior to collection.
  • The donor should NOT eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes before collecting the oral sample.

Collection Instructions:

Step 1:
Open package and remove collector without touching sponge tip.  Place sponge as far back in the mouth as comfortable and rub along the lower gums (see close up image) in a back and forth motion. Gently rub the gums 10 times. If possible, avoid rubbing the teeth.

Step 2:

Gently repeat rubbing motion on the opposite side of the mouth along the lower gums for an additional 10 times.

Step 3:

Hold the tube upright to prevent the liquid inside the tube from spilling. Unscrew the blue cap from the collection tube without touching the sponge.

Step 4:

Turn the cap upside down, insert the sponge into the tube and close cap tightly.

Step 5:

Invert the capped tube and shake vigorously 10 times.

Additional Notes:

Intended use: This product is designed for the collection and stabilization of DNA from human oral samples.

Contents: Contains 1 collection kit.

Warnings and precautions: Choking hazard. Caution should be used when inserting sponge into the mouth.

Wash with water if liquid comes in contact with eyes or skin. Do NOT ingest. Click here to view the safety data sheet.

Storage: 15°C–30°C

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Better Approach to Exceptional Care

Better Approach to Exceptional Care