Institutions without core sequencing facilities are forced to outsource their sequencing projects. Even organizations with access to their facilities often choose to get their Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) done elsewhere.

For most molecular laboratories in modern-day, there comes a point when outsourcing is considered instead of insourcing.

This is because of reasons that make sound financial sense, including:


There are several benefits to efficiently using research funds. Proper use of research funds is important especially following recent constraints of government funding of life science research.

In this regard, it is crucial to shop around to establish whether there are facilities that can carry out NGS at lower rates.

It is a time-consuming process but you will eventually find facilities where you will incur lower costs compared to insourcing. 

Access to a Wide Variety of Instruments

Next-Generation sequencing instruments have different capabilities. Different sequencers strike different balances between relevant parameters and no sequencer will be the best for all your projects.

In some instances, the right instrument might not be available at your facility.

Instead of spending on different instruments for different projects that might not generate returns, you can outsource.

For example, instead of buying an instrument that reads up to ~20,000 to completely assemble bacterial genomes, you can outsource and save on the cost that you could have spent on acquiring the instrument.

Shorter Turnaround

You can be faced with long queues based on the volume of projects that your core lab can handle at any given time.

Even if your facility has a high capacity, some devices allow multiple libraries to operate at the same time.

In some cases, you are forced to wait until there are enough projects to initiate a new run. This can lead to longer turnaround times going up to months.

To avoid incurring expenses for the longer turnaround times, you can get your sequencing done at a facility that offers a shorter turnaround time for your project, especially when you are operating under strict deadlines.

Enhanced Capabilities and Expertise

When undertaking sequencing data, you need to consider the level of expertise, access to the right software tools, and hardware resources.

It is hard to find all the considerations in your facility and you can be assisted with one or two with most facilities having unique specializations and expertise.

When you work with an experienced provider like Tesis Labs, an organization who has a high level of expertise, your sequencing is undertaken properly and within a short time. This saves you time and money.

In this regard, outsourcing NGS makes financial sense because the enhanced capabilities and expertise of external providers reduces any possibility of outsourcing errors and reduces the turnaround time.

Generally, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) serves to the financial advantage of your facility. When you take time to look for the right provider, you benefit from an enhanced level of expertise and experience and shorter turnaround times that helps in lowering costs.

Tesis Labs can help in bringing innovation to your practice to help deliver better diagnosis and treatments. Contact us to help you understand aspects of NGS and financial reasons why you need to outsource.