National Laboratory Professionals Week is April 18 to 24, 2021.  The event is an is “an annual celebration of medical laboratory professionals and pathologists who play a vital role in health care and patient advocacy”. Medical Laboratory professionals fill more roles than those of performing essential tests and experiments for individual patients, and furthering the goal of discovering new ways of treating medical conditions in the future.

They support the care and advocate for the rights of patients in regard to various fields of treatment. We offer heartfelt gratitude for the efforts of our laboratory professionals who specialize in the field of molecular genetics. 

Supporting lifelong patient care

Laboratory professionals perform tests that affect the health and wellness of each of us from the moment of birth through our senior years. When suffering illness or injury, frequent testing of various aspects of health status is necessary in order to provide the best possible patient care through every stage of treatment. Frequent testing supports the most satisfactory recovery.

Keeping hearts healthy with genetic testing

Nearly everyone is familiar with well-established methods of laboratory testing to detect a patient’s potential trend toward the development of cardiovascular disease; like testing lipids during wellness visits.

But how many are familiar with the fact that molecular genetic testing can detect familial tendencies toward the development of heart disease? The ability to identify this tendency before symptoms begin alerts individuals to the need to adopt preventive measures early.

The earliest possible detection of the likely potential of developing a heart condition is a factor most likely to result in preventing premature death. Genetic counseling professionals play one of the most valuable supporting roles in the quest to save patients’ lives through preventive medicine.

 Promoting the interest of patient rights

Laboratory professionals working in the field of healthcare realize their deep responsibility to act in the interest of patient rights as noted in this study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Patients have the right to privacy, physical integrity, mental integrity, information and self-determination. Supporting these rights is a priority for the many compassionate, responsible professionals in this field who assess, test, and counsel patients with advanced knowledge and compassion.

Molecular genetics and medical laboratory professionals

Patient advocacy and molecular genetic testing for chronic disease management are two primary goals of laboratory professionals. The information obtained from gene panels, carrier testing, next generation sequencing, and other healthcare applications of molecular genetic testing are positively impacting lives of patients. Molecular biology professionals play an increasingly valued supporting role in today’s comprehensive preventive medical treatment system. They are much appreciated and in high demand as the field of molecular analysis for optimal health care treatment expands.

During National Laboratory Professionals Week 2021, and always, we salute our talented, dedicated staff members who advocate for patient rights and provide prompt, accurate results to physicians, physician groups and hospitals for the benefit of patients. Contact us for more information about how our knowledgeable laboratory professionals can support the needs of your patients.