Pharmacogenomics, also known as PGx, entails advanced medical research that explains how your genes affect ways in which the body reacts to over-the-counter medications or other prescriptions. After extensive research, it has been proven that some people respond differently to medications, and some even develop resistance or allergies.

PGx testing aids in determining the best precision approaches to develop instead of pharmacologic treatments. Here is the role of PGx testing and how it aids physicians in developing advanced precision methods.

What is PGx Testing?

Doctors have developed technologies that help identify the right medication for you as per your genetic conditions. The test involves identifying factors that have a significant impact on your body’s response to drugs. It entails:

  • Testing food interactions,
  • Other medications,
  • Body part function
  • Dysfunction.

Other factors include Ethnicity, sex, age, and genetics. This testing helps in identifying the genetic makeup and how it contributes to pharmacologic treatment.

Role of PGX Testing in Pharmacology

Identifying Best Medication

This approach allows you to have a heads up on how the medication will react to your body after an intensely focused analysis.  This information will go a long way in avoiding significant side effects on your body and unsatisfactory results. Therefore, the test helps find the likelihood of a particular medication, increasing the symptoms and its non-adherence. Doctors will offer medication or a dose that will work for you without any side effects, as guided by the test results. Also, it helps the doctors not to rely only on their trial and error method and derive advanced precision approaches.

Developing Advanced Precision Approaches

Genes are passed from the parents to the child after conception, which is inherent in every human being. Also, some health problems are inherited due to genetic factors. PGx testing allows doctors to understand how they can prevent health problems before they happen.

People with mental problems also need these testing that improves efficacy. Antidepressants have a significant impact on the body.  PGx testing reports help save time and find the best precision method if your family has a history of resistance to such medications.

Adjust Dosage or Recommend New One

In cases where the patients start responding slowly to medication, these tests come in handy. Doctors can use it to find the right dosage content or the best pharmacologic treatment that fits the patient’s needs. With the ongoing pandemic, this testing also helps determine the best medications and how people with different genetic factors react to the vaccines.

In the medical sector, there is a movement of volume vs. Valued Based healthcare. This test is helping doctors to save many lives by developing treatments that work effectively. They avoid significant issues caused by dose side effects, therefore treating masses with valued based healthcare.

Bottom Line

PGx testing has made a significant impact in the pharmacologic treatment sector. Now doctors have the tools needed to determine how environmental factors, genetic compositions, lifestyle habits, and other factors can affect body response to medication. They have developed precision methods that work well for patients avoiding side effects and any health problems caused by genetic factors.

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